Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mirabilia and Lavender and Lace projects.

Two of my favourite designers are Mirabilia and Lavender and Lace, here are two projects I finished a number of years ago, up until the summer of this year I always stitched large projects but now I rotate and stitch smalls too.

I have also completed a number of Paula Vaughan designs ( I will eventually post the pictures )and I have recently purchased some Heaven and Earth Designs, if you have never seen them click on this link ,they are quite breathtaking but very detailed.

Spring Queen by Mirabilia

Sweet Dreams By Lavender and Lace


Jill said...

Wow! That Spring Queen is stunning! But what a project that would be.

Thanks for tagging me. I did post on my blog. However, because I have seen this on so many blogs, I did not tag anyone in particular. I hope that does offend you. I did encourage people to do it though. It made me really think about myself. And I'm not sure right now if that is good or bad!

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and a great day!


Margaret said...

I have sent to the various people and will be posting on my blog as soon as I push "publish"

niina said...

Oh my.. I love both of those too. I'm shore they look amazing hanging on the wall:)


Lore♥ said...

Woouuu Lynn vine a ver tus primeros post de tu blog , y me quedé encantada con este trabajo!!!!
fabuloso maravilloso, la reina de la primavera

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