Sunday, 15 February 2009

Prairie Schooler pin keep received.

Here is the Prairie Schooler pinkeep that I made for Cindy F in the February Prairie Schooler exchange. I did keep it a closely guarded secret even though Cindy and I had exchanged emails on the day I posted it. I actually mentioned that I was posting my Prairie Schooler exchange but

she had no idea she was the recipient, I cannot believe I managed to keep that secret!

I made the mistake of putting HOE for Hooked on Exchanging and realised I should have put
PS for Prairie Schooler but it was way too late to change it all, I just did not have the heart
to pull it all apart!

Pin keep

Close up of pinkeep


tkdquintmom said...

That turned out lovely. I wish I had more time to participate in HOE's. They look like so much fun! She is sure to love it. :-)

Julianne said...


Your pinkeep is really pretty. I love all those smyrna crosses that you did on the border. Those are a fun stitch but they are quite time consuming. You did a beautiful job on your finishing too.

Cindy F. said...

I absolutely LOVE it!! and thank you a million hugs worth for such a beautifully made gift:)
I also love it as your banner pic;)

Mylene said...

You finished it perfectly, Lynn. I am sure your partner loves it.

Wendy said...

Your pinkeep is really nice! It seems to be nice to do some exchanges!

mainely stitching said...

It's beautifully finished! I wouldn't have pulled it apart either!

njthomas said...

Lynn please contact me at My blog is I would like to pass on the Fabulous Blog tag to you.

Heidi said...

Very pretty! I wouldn't have pulled it apart either.

Fatema said...

That pinkeep is very pretty.

Makes so far in January and February 2017

Makes so far in January and February 2017

Makes so far in January and February 2017

Makes so far in January and February 2017
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