Saturday, 17 March 2012

Free pattern and my blogging friend has finished my peacock design!

Hi everyone, here is a small free pattern that I designed today, you are all welcome to use it for personal use or to make gifts for friends. 
Edited: I have stitched this into a small pillow in the next post. 

One of my blogging friends has completed my Peacock design, she stitched it in this gorgeous colour and I think it looks beautiful,  you can see the post on her blog over at Lotus Pond Silent Blue here.
Congratulations on such a lovely finish!
Happy stitching everyone!


Margaret said...

Both are beautiful! I love the little free design and the colors your friend used are so pretty on the Peacock design1

sana said...

Thanks for the beautiful freebie chart!! Love it!

Catherine said...

Sweet freebie and finish of your design!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Lynne:
How have you been? Thank you for the sweet pattern.
The peacock stitchery is gorgeous.
She did a beautiful job.

KC'sCourt! said...

Thanks for the pretty chart.
Its amazing what can be created with lots of little squares!
Julie xxxxxx

Christine said...

Thank you for the lovely free design.
The peacock finish is wonderful

christie said...

I love the free pattern!!! Thanks for your creativity!!

ROSELLA69 said...


Ma Teakettle said...

Gorgeous, design, Lynn, and the colors are my fave...I love your necklace idea!
Thank you :)
"Peacock" is beautiful, OMW, look at that floss! I am off to check out your friends blog.
Hugs and happy stitching back at ya :)

Jannie said...

That peacock design is just like nothing I've seen! That is beautiful! Love the freebie - thanx so much!

Jannie said...

That peacock design is just like nothing I've seen! That is beautiful! Love the freebie - thanx so much!

Annabelle said...

I am a beginner looking for inspiration and have found plenty here - thanks for freebie.
I have a giveway - pop over and look. Good luck. xx

Bernadett said...

They are wonderful.:)

Solstitches said...

The peacock finish looks wonderful.

Fiona said...

The peacock design is very pretty. Your little freebie is very cute.

Kate said...

Thank you ... this is sweet. Love your designs!

Margit Maturi said...

Design and colours fantastic!!!
I love it.

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