Sunday, 18 November 2012

Peace design finished as a cross stitch pinkeep and preview of another free cross stitch pattern.

Hi everyone, here is the Peace design all finished into a pretty pinkeep,
of course I had to put Swarovski Crystals onto this as I just love them!
 It was a real quick stitch, the colours are really soft and pretty and the blue and pale blue beads give it a winter look.
For those of you that missed this, I blogged about it in this previous post , you can get the free pattern link there too.
Talking of free patterns, I am currently designing another free cross stitch pattern, it is a winter theme and includes a bird house and a snowman.  I have included a sneak preview of the pattern in the picture below, just check out my blog next Wednesday and it will be ready to download for stitching.

My First You Tube Video! Yay!

My other news, I am now on You Tube! I have finally got around to making a You Tube Video, it is only a collection of my cross stitch finishes, there is no music or voice over as I am still a novice at this! Most of you will have seen the pictures before but I just wanted to have a go and learn how to do it. There is so much to learn, it all seems rather difficult until you actually take the plunge and get started.
My first video can be seen at the bottom of this post, I have not quite worked out how to choose the picture that will be at the front of the video yet, it seems to be a little blurred with other photos superimposed, but with practice I am sure I will get the hang of it.
I will be doing some cross stitch and craft tutorials in the future, so watch this space. If any of you have any particular video tutorial requests I will certainly consider your ideas. 

Sneak preview of Free Winter Cross Stitch Pattern

Until next time  - Happy Stitching!


Lida said...

How lovely! had no time yet but as soon as I finish my last two project I will make one! Greetings

EveningEmma said...

Peace looks lovely, and the new design looks like it's going to be too.

Nima said...

Lynn...great attempt on you tube. it was so nice to see all your beautiful handmade. please do slow down the writings on the just goes off and we can not read it...especially on 1st 2 slides. the writing with more that 4 words is not readable it is super fast..looking forward for more videos

Kate said...

Your Peace Pinkeep is gorgeous! I enjoyed your video and oh my, you do beautiful work.

My Life In Stitches said...

Well done you for having ago at making the video on you tube, and showing a lovely collection too. I might be tempted, but I am still playing with the PCstitch pattern maker so better not take on to much. I love the finished pin keep nicely done, and the sneak peak for your new design looks interesting.
Thank you Lynn.
best wishes Julie.C

Terri said...

I love your finish! Beautiful!

Mammka said...

It's beautiful!Thank you patterns! The peace is the most important ...... When I was a little girl, I asked my father what to ask for Christmas? He always said that peace.
Congratulations on your youtube video!

Anne said...

Very beautiful finish of your Peace design!! I love the Swarovski crystals as well and these really are very pretty! Looking forward to your Winter design - looks so cute! :)

Janet P said...

Such tempting stitching, and I love that latest finish.

ghemulet said...

this is the first of your pattern that i decided to is lovely.This is my Cross stitch project,made with this lovely peace pattern:

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