Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Progress on Santa's Village design by Country Cottage Needleworks

Hi everyone, here is my progress on Santas Village, this is the first of 12 matching cross stitch designs by Country Cottage Needleworks, there are 12 patterns to stitch, one each month until December 2013.
I purchased the Auto ship from The Patchwork Rabbit , you pay for each pattern when it is shipped every month, you can order the matching threads and the buttons or just buy the patterns, its your choice. 
If you order from there just let them know I sent you, I am not an affiliate for their shop but like to support where I can.   

You can choose to stitch all the twelve patterns on one piece of fabric, as I have, or stitch them individually.
I chose to stitch  this on the 32 count lambswool permin linen as advised on the pattern, if you would like to see a beginners tutorial showing how to stitch 2 over 2 you are welcome to pop over to my tutorials blog here 

I have a couple of free Valentine Patterns that are not quite ready yet,  I was hoping to do them today but did not have chance. 
I am off to do some more stitching on Santa's Village. 
Happy stitching!


Bruna Aguiar Melo said...

So cute!
Great stitching ;)

Solstitches said...

So cute. I've been seeing this a lot around Blogland and it promises to be a lovely series of designs.

Amarins said...

Lovely! Greetings, Amarins

Elisabetta said...

Oh, it is really a nice idea to stitch these pattern every mounth! Your Santa is so cute!!

cucki said...

so sweet x

Anonymous said...

That's looking really cute.

Fiona said...

Looking lovely so far, I will have to see about purchasing the auto-ship from patchwork rabbit as I have yet to purchase the first two designs in this set :)

sunny said...

Looking good! I haven't started mine yet, because I usually start in the middle of a design, so I don't know how to start this one. BUt I can't get behind, or I'll never stay motivated.

Minnie said...

Santa's Village is looking good. I love the bright colors.

Chris said...

Beautiful progress Lynn!!

petoskystone said...

How pretty!

Catherine said...

Very cute!

myrica said...

So cute,
Great stitching
Have a nice day

myrica said...

So cute,
Great stitching
Have a nice day

Andrea said...

Great progress. For me the first part was "OK I like this", second part "I'm loving it!" Can't wait to see more.

It's just so easy to order from PR isn't it! Karla now has gone ahead and put the Sheep Virtues up! Stop!

Fiona said...

Great progress. Looking forward to seeing the whole village.

Annette said...

Ciao!Your blog is fantastic!I love your style and I think we have a lot in common!Please, come visiting my house all decorated in Country-style:

Baci dall'Italia!

Makes so far in January and February 2017

Makes so far in January and February 2017

Makes so far in January and February 2017

Makes so far in January and February 2017
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