Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Silk,lace and miniature ribbons at the Dolls House Miniatures craft fair.

Hi everyone, I recently visited a Dolls House Miniature Craft Fair, of course I could not resist buying some pretty miniature ribbons, I also purchased some silk from a fabric shop close by.    
I purchased the miniature ribbons for a specific dolls house miniature project I have in mind as I would like to make a  miniature hat or two and obviously I needed miniature ribbon to decorate the hats with.

There were some gorgeous minis on display, my favourite by far was the miniatures created by Vicky Mellor of Secrets Miniatures. I asked if she did not mind me taking photos for my blog and she agreed, the photos are below.    

If you really love miniatures then check out this lovely site here.

This is the lace trim and silk fabric I purchased.  

These are the other mini trims I got.

I also  purchased these miniature hat stands and a mini bedside table.

The little drawer opens, its so cute!

These are the miniature dolls house creations by Vicky Mellor of Secrets. 

Can you believe this is a dolls house?!!!!

This is part of a dolls house collection displayed at Nunnington Hall in Yorkshire, it is a National Trust property.  

This is my favourite part of the dolls house collection there.

Until next time - happy stitching!


KimM said...

Lynn - thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos of the miniatures. I LOVE miniatures - always have.
Can hardly wait to see the hats you make

Akila said...

Oh my goodness, such pretty miniatures, all girly and classy. What fun to even have a doll house fair. Thanks for sharing your experience

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Fantastic pictures Lynn I cannot believe the detail. I love the pieces inside the glass cabinet and those little shoes on the bed. I think I would have enjoyed looking round myself.
Thanks for sharing
Julie.C x

myrica said...

Fantastic pictures such pretty miniatures,Can hardly wait to see the hats you make
Have a nice day

Vickie said...

Beautiful! It is amazing isn't it?! Thank you for sharing.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love dolls houses and have made little cross stitch rugs for friends' children in the past but have never seen any as beautiful as these.

The house is now on my Places to Visit list!

Preeti said...

Very cute miniatures !! :) thanks for sharing !!

annemarie said...

What fun - would love to restore a doll house someday!

Kaisievic said...

Wow! All so pretty and cute.

Fiona said...

WOW the miniatures are amazing. It is hard to imagine how good your eyesight would have to be to create these beautiful pieces.

Michelle said...

Those are just gorgoues! And I love your little hat stands -- they're so cute.

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