Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Heaven and Earth stitching progress and socks finished!

Hi everyone, I have some progress to show on my Heaven and Earth work in progress, I love this pattern!

She is gorgeous, don't you think?

I am stitching this on 18 count 2 threads over 2 using DMC stranded cotton thread. This the first page nearly completed, I think there are 8 pages left.

Stitching and knitting news

Thankyou to everyone who commented on my sock project bag in the last post, I always reply to everyone who comments unless you are a no reply blogger, which means I can't because I don't have an email address.

I was asked where I got the instructions from for the project bag, but I just made it up, however, there are lots of tutorials for project bags on the internet, just type in project bag tutorials and lots will come up.


I am currently working on my Heaven and Earth cross stitch lady at the moment and hoping to make good progress on her.  


I usually am inspired to knit in the winter time, particularly after watching all the knitting podcasts lately, I have now finished my first pair of socks and I have another project lined up, which is a lovely wool cowl. I have purchased some gorgeous Rowan yarn, my preferred choice as it always knits up so beautifully. (photo below)  

I am quite pleased with the result to say they were my first pair, just can't wait to start my next pair.

The wool used for the socks was Drops Fabel 
Colour 161
75% wool and 25% polyamide

I am enjoying using the project bag that I made, I blogged about it here

I used these needles which were an absolute delight to knit with, I knit the socks on a circular needle and used double pointed needles where the pattern called for it.

If you wish to know how to learn to knit socks I followed this tutorial here   

Until next time, happy stitching!


annemarie said...

Oh do I love the Heaven and Earth pattern - it will be beautiful! Your socks are amazing - will you actully wear them? After all that work, I probably would save them rather than wear them!

Kate said...

Well done, you, the socks are beautiful!

Vickie said...

The socks are gorgeous!

Rhona said...

What a gorgeous HAED......I don't have the patience or the eye sight to undertake such a project! I adore your project bag, it's perfect for so many different things. I think I might have to dust off the old sewing machine and make one.....but who am I kidding! There's no way I could make one, my sewing machine and I are barely on speaking terms ;) Love the socks too, you are a woman of many talents!

Justine said...

Beautiful socks and project bag - and wow you have made a serious dent in your HAED!

Marjan said...

Your Heaven and Earth stichting is beautiful.
And oh I love your socks! Very nice done. I have some of that yarn left, perhaps I can knig a pair never know *Ü*
Greetings again

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your stitching is coming alone nicely. I look forward to more updates. :)

Oh the socks. So yummy. I can't have anything with wool...well, I can but I will be itching all day to the point that I will no longer have finger printers, but I do love knitted socks. I am still in lust, I mean love, with your darling little sheep bag. So adorable! :)

Wishing you a day filled with much joy, and lots of stitching/knitting, too. :)

shirley flavell said...

Love your socks, they look super and love the colourings. Watching Gothic Rose, I love her. I have "Summer" also by Jessica Galbraith, she is beautiful and sepia tones.I am going to start her 1st of January. Having to buy threads as I can.I see you have done gridding Lynn,not sure whether to or not. Your project bag is also beautiful.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Thank you for the link to the sock tutorial. I must try knitting a pair as your socks look comfortable.
Your HAED project is looking impressive already.

suzy mcclung said...

Very nice post. My HAED is heading into its third year. Your piece is lovely and I enjoy seeing the progress on it. The project bag and socks are amazing. I do not sew or knit so to me, they are amazing.

Peggie L said...

I'm very impressed with your socks....great colour too. Your Heaven & Earth cross stitch if progressing along wonderfully. Glad to hear you are enjoying it....I know my eyes wouldn't be able to work with all the dark colours. I can't wait to see it finished as I know it will be amazing.

diamondc said...

Lynn: I am in love with your socks, I have bought yarn to knit socks when my neighbor will be teaching me how to knit, your Heaven and Earth is a beautiful design.
Your bag and sheep design are adorable.
Thank-you for sharing with us.


myrica said...

So lovely patterns, I like Haven and earth patterns.
And you have knitting lovely socks they are so nice.
Have a sewing and knitting day

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Ohh wow
Very beautiful
Great progress and gorgeous finish

Heidi Banfill said...

Beautiful work! I cant wait to see more of those pages done :) How comfortable are those knitted socks? My mom knits and i've been bugging her to make me a pair as they always look so comfy!

Heather said...

Awesome progress on both! I love the socks :)

gominam said...

Great progress. She will be stunning!

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