Sunday, 12 March 2017

Harry Potter gift stitching and stash.

Hi everyone, I wish I could say that the beautiful cross stitch in this photo was a finished piece of mine but it isn't, however, I have recently purchased the pattern and I love it!
I must admit whenever I read the verse it makes me so sad, I nearly did not buy it because of the words but I loved it so much it simply had to come home to me, but I try not to look at the verse as it makes me cry and I concentrate on the surrounding beauty of the piece itself.

Three Things Sampler - Pattern by Moira Blackburn.

Stitching news and stash.

I have been doing some stitching on a cute Harry Potter gift for someone, they don't read my blog so I know I am safe to show it here, it is a freebie cross stitch pattern that I found on Pinterest,

The free pattern is available here

I am thinking of making this into a project bag, I have a couple of ideas but need to play around with some fabrics. Edited: You can now see the finished project bag here

Here are my latest fabric purchases, I am going to be playing around making some fun project bags

I ordered this lovely Tilda fabric with the intention of making project bags for my Etsy shop but I ordered some teal coloured fabric to compliment the patterned fabric but it did not arrive because it was sold out. I was a little disappointed as it threw my plans a little, these fabrics may now go into my shop.
The buttons and ribbons will be listed soon.

Until next time, happy stitching!


Julie.C said...

Hi Lynn, What a beautiful sampler the verse is sad but it will be a joy to stitch. The Harry Potter pattern is so cute.
Well done you for being a supplier to Tilda fabrics they will make stunning projects, I think you are going to be pretty busy.
Have fun stitching.
Julie.C xx

annemarie said...

Beautiful sampler - samplers are always so classic and never go out of style. Love the Tilda fabric and Harry Potter - who does not love Harry! My grandson loves anything Harry Potter. Last Halloween he asked me to crochet a Harry Potter scarf for his costume - it was a fun and easy request.

diamondc said...

Lynn: How exciting to be a supplier for Tilda Fabrics, I look forward to seeing the fabrics.
I love your Harry Potter,he is adorable.
Your new Sampler is beautiful.


butterfly said...

Love your new chart and the verse is so sad but also so true.
What a lovely post of beauty .
Lovely new stash .

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I found the Harry Potter series for you! I knew I'd seen them somewhere.

Astrids dragon said...

Oooh, what a lovely sampler. That will keep you busy for a while!
I love your HP! I might have to look for him, he really is cute.
All your fabric looks so pretty, fun for bags!

Justine said...

Your new fabrics are simply gorgeous! Good luck with the shop, I'm sure your bags will be a huge success!
Could you rechart the sampler verse to something you prefer? It's only a small part of the design and it seems a pity to spoil it if you find the verse sad. I keep thinking of the verse To everything there is a season.... for some reason but I'm sure you could think of something that suits you better.

Jackie said...

I recently acquired the same sampler! It's beautiful but does not make me sad at all. I think it's a reminder that some things you just can't take back. I'm looking at it as a proactive statement rather than a realization that someone messed up. I love how two people can read the same few words and get a different message from them!

beafactura said...

Lynn, your new Sampler is beautiful.
You'r HP is so cute ;)
All your fabric looks so pretty!

Carol said...

Wow! To be surrounded by all of those lovely fabrics must be wonderful, Lynn!! My idea of heaven :)

Lovely sampler--I look forward to seeing it grow. And such a cute Harry Potter piece--you're going to make someone very happy!

Enjoy your weekend, Lynn! And happy first day of spring to you on Monday!

*-* said...

Hi Lynn,
I'm stitching your Afternoon T ea Freebie chart & just wondering if the words are in single strand back stitch? I've stitched a couple of your freebies, just love your sweet designs.I can't get replies from the gmail account nominated below. An answer here would be great.
Thanks Kay.

gominam said...

Your Harry Potter is adorable. I have the same sampler and do love the verse though it's a bit sad. Haven't had the courage to take up the needle and start this big piece. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful stitching. Have fun!

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