Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Project bags

Hi everyone, I have been sewing some bags for my shop this week, however, only two made the cut!

Don't you just love owls? I think they are cute, I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to anything owls! 

I have been playing around with this pretty owl fabric, I made the little notions pouch and appliqued a little owl on the front of the scissor pouch, it sold as a gift set in my shop today, I added another notions pouch to my Etsy shop but that one did not have a matching scissor pouch.

More photos below.

Don't show your relatives!

The reason why I said only two made the cut was because I made the larger bags with the intention of them going into my shop, mmmm, well they did not get there because I showed my sister and her eyes lit up! Lol..... I then showed her the matching notions pouch and she said "Ooooo I like that, can I have it?" Well how could I say no? Lol.... It was her birthday after all and I had planned on making her a project bag. 
So, that one did not need to go to quality control. Who does quality control you may ask? 

My husband! 

Trust me he sits there going over everything with a fine tooth comb, it makes me giggle, but he always agrees if I have reservations on something.

The largest bag was made this week, I showed my Mother over Facetime and she said "Oooooo I like that"!   Can I have it as a Mothers Day gift? Well how could I say no? Lol.... It is Mother's Day on Sunday after all and I had planned on making something.

So, the moral of the story if you want any items to get to your Etsy shop don't show your relatives because you won't be able to say no! Lol.....

Next designs in the making

I have some Paris themed fabric in black and pink which I love and cannot wait to stitch up and of course some pretty Tilda fabric that is on my list, I have run out of some stitching supplies but I am sure I will be playing with fabric again this week.

This is the one that my sister will be getting for her birthday.

This one is for Mum

I like this particular size because it will fit cross stitch patterns and fabric inside or if you are a knitter or crocheter it will fit enough yarn for a sweater project.

It is lined with fusible fleece

The little owl pouch

Until next time, happy stitching!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh such lovely bags. These bags look perfect. Hmmm. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but my craft room proudly takes in any unwanted project bags and gives them a safe and loving home. Just saying. :) Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

myrica said...

They are so lovely, I can understanding that your relatives will have them,
I wait and see in your shop, there can maybe I bay one I hope.
Have a sunny day

Peggie L said...

Great Job Lynn! Your project bags are beautiful and the material selection is perfect.

annemarie said...

These bags are adorable - who doesn't love owls?? My daughter has quite the owl collection - she is a school teacher and their mascot is an owl so, of course, she receives a lot of owl gifts! Family comes first - right - and you are so generous!

diamondc said...

Hi Lynn: I am like you if someone says they like what I have made off it goes with them, I am a softy.
Love your bags, I will have to keep my eyes open in your Etsy shop.


Marjan said...

Wow you are a busy girl 😁. I can understand your mum and sister; your projectbags are beautiful! What a cute little bag did you make gor the scissor; nice idea!
Greetings again

Julie.C said...

I cannot wait for mine to come Lynn, the owl fabric looks so pretty. xx

Donna Pheneger said...

These are really wonderful. You're going to laugh but I saw the owl bag that is leaning next to the large one with a little red one and I thought - how cute that she's attached the smaller to the larger owl project! Then I realized they were separate. But so cute anyway!

Kate said...

Your bags are quite lovely, Lynn, and obviously your family thinks so, too. Some secret sewing might be necessary, lol. It's nice to have a resident quality control dept. - I also have one who is also particularly helpful when I'm struggling with choosing coordinating fabrics/threads/etc. The owl fabric is adorable.

Little Bits of Lovely said...

Those bags are so cute and pretty! I especially love the owl ones. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

Patricia METAIS said...

Hi Lynn,
They are great ! Happy sister to receive such beautiful objects (excuse my English) !
See you
Patricia, your French follower

butterfly said...

Lucky Sister and Mother.
Your project bags are lovely.

Justine said...

Well it's no surprise they were snapped up straight away! Gorgeous work.

gominam said...

Beautiful project bags. You're so lucky having a dependable quality control staff, LOL.

Lillie said...

Oh! I understood perfectly your situation on 'Don't show your relatives' love your choice of fabrics for both project bags.

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