Sunday, 20 August 2017

Miss Mini Cat Love to Shop made into a project bag!

Hi everyone, just had to finish Love To Shop Miss Mini Cat into a project bag! 

I am so glad you loved the free Miss Mini Cat Love To Shop pattern that I showed in my last post, Miss Mini is certainly a hit with my readers, if you have not received a copy of the pattern it is because your email is a no-reply email which will not show an email address and I therefore cannot reply to you!

A few people have asked for the pattern but have not received it because of this, please leave a comment with your email address, I will  not post comments onto the blog that have email addresses on them, I will use the email address and then delete the comment to ensure your privacy is respected.

I have a few ideas of Miss Mini designs in the future, some will be free and some will be only available in my Etsy shop. If you have any suggestions about themes for Miss Mini patterns I would love to hear them, leave a comment and you never know your idea may become a Miss Mini Cat design! 

Miss Mini Cat Project bag, one of a kind!

I decided to make Miss Mini Cats debut a special one, I made the design into a very special cross stitch project bag that you can carry your cross stitch, knitting or crochet inside. I used of course Tilda Fabric, it is interfaced and lined with 100% cotton fabric on the inside, has a lined pocket and a tag to place your progress keepers, stitch markers or embroidery scissors onto and there is a Hand Made By Lynn B tag on the inside near the pocket.
On the zipper is a rhinestone bee charm  and a large strap to carry the bag easily. I loved the shoe and handbag charms, they are so cute, Miss Mini has been shopping for bags and shoes after all!  

The bag measures approx 12" x 12"

It is very rare for me to put a cross stitched item like this in my shop because these cross stitch bags are so labour intensive but on this occasion I decided to offer it for sale, it will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow at 7pm GMT unless I sell it to one of my readers before then. 
This bag will not be repeated, I may use the same fabric but not a Miss Mini Cat Goes Shopping cross stitch, it really is one of a kind.  

Here are some more photos, hope you like it!   

Faux leather label 

Ahhhh, I love these cute progress keepers/stitch markers or they can be used as zipper pulls.

My hubby said I should have designed the shoes in the cross stitch with kitten heels!

Until next time, happy stitching!


Anne said...

It's absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing! Happy stitching! :)

KimM said...

Oh, Lynn! Adorable, adorable!! Love the charms - a girl's gotta love some bling!!

tiflipt said...

Bravo !
les finitions du sac sont magnifiques et mettent bien en valeur la broderie !

PuppyPaws said...

How about the Twelve Days of Miss Mini Cat's Christmas. A mini cat in a pear tree, nine mini cats dancing, etc

Susan said...

Your bag is really cute.

annemarie said...

Beautiful - your posts always make me smile!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That is such a cute bag! I look forward to seeing more of your designs. Andrea

Patricia Dee said...

Love your project bag with shopping Miss Mini. Another idea, on the line of shopping, is a small tote or shopping bag with handles.

myrica said...

Love your project bag with shopping Miss Mini cat.
Love the charms.
Have a nice day

AyamontinoMaria said...

A fantastic bag! Great work, Lynn. Hugs

Justine said...

Another beauty Lynn!

Astrids dragon said...

Oh wow, so adorable!

Peggie L said...

Oh, it is amazing and I can just imagine it was very labour intensive. I don't know how you can part with all your beautiful projects. Your Etsy shop looks fantastic!

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