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Lynns Hand made bags

Lynns Hand made bags

Joy House nearly stitched, winner of stitch along and pattern testers wanted.

free christmas cross stitch pattern winter cross stitch
Hi everyone, I started stitching my new free pattern Christmas Joy House and I have nearly finished it, I am loving it on the black fabric.

The original pattern shows a couple of red cardinals but I decided there was too much red so I am changing the bird colour on this piece.  

I am looking forward to see what colours you decide to stitch yours in!

I used 16 count black linen and DMC threads.   
DMC B5200 for the white as I wanted it to be really bright.

Pattern testers - volunteers required

I love designing cross stitch patterns for my blog, some free and some are paid for patterns, I know many of you stitch my designs but I am thinking about inviting applications for pattern testers, would anyone be interested? 

I am in the process of working on an application form that would include the details of what it would involve for it to work. Here is an initial list of requirements that I am thinking about....

1) I would send you a digital pattern for free and ask for it to be stitched and finished within a tight deadline of possibly about 2 to 4 weeks.

2) Good finishing skills. 

3) Must be able to take in focus quality photographs of finished piece that I could use in the pattern. 

4) Agree to my copyright terms of use and respect my copyright.  

Winner of the stitch along
I only received one entrant for the stitch along, I am therefore pleased to announce that Lest'a has won a small gift from me, I am not sure what I will send as it will be a surprise but I will show it once Lesta has received her gift. 

Here are the two designs stitched by Lesta, she added beads and changed some of the colours which looked really pretty! (Photos below)

Here are the colours of the changes she made...….
Stitched the pumpkins in beads and the tree leaves in various fall colored beads. Autumn in Fall colored beads.   Used Etoile Blanc for the sheep and Etoile C436 for the trees

Trees in Etoile C436 and C433 with brown beads, snow in Etoile Blanc,  Sweaters in Etoile C321, C471, C900, C972.  Spider in Etoile C310 and black beads.

Blog redesign and Pinterest Boards

I ordered a new template for my blog and I am happy with the way it looks, you can now easily see the clickable links along the top, I am also going to create pages so that my patterns are more easily available.

There is a new link in the left side bar (and in the top links) to my finishing blog, that does need some new content but the tips that are already there may be useful if you want to do some finishing to your cross stitched pieces, I show how to make a toblerone needlecase, a beaded pillow and scissor fob together with lots of other ideas.

I have also started to tidy up my Pinterest boards, you can see the link at the top left hand side of my blog. 

Thankyou for all the comments, I am in the process of catching up with emails.

Until next time, happy stitching!


DonnaSue said...

Lesta--your designs are very pretty and I love the way new used beads in the trees. Lynn--love your design on the black and can't wait to see the finished product. I have stitched many of your black cat designs. They are all so adorable.

Lesta said...

Would love being one of your testers. Looking forward to being part of your team.

Peggie L said...

I love the look of the black Aida cloth. I think I'll try it.
I would love to become a pattern tester for you.
You new web design looks great!

Kate said...

Lynn, your joy house is awesome on the black!!

Caresse de Plume said...

Je suis intéressée pour être votre testeuse de modèle. Je peux broder toute la journée, tous les jours :) Je vous laisse aller voir mon blog pour que vous puissiez voir ce que je fais.
A bientôt.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I love the Joy House on black adia. Looks good. hugs

Natureluvr57 said...

You are so right, it's awesome on black. Congrats to the winner.

Faith... said...

Great work Lesta, your piece looks good.

The Joy piece looks really good and the black fabric really makes the design pip.

butterfly said...

Fab on the black ,love it .
You have a good eye for colour.
Have a lovely week.


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