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Hi everyone my name is Lynn and I would like to welcome you to my blog, Happiness is Cross Stitching. I love to make and create lots of things and I thought it would be nice to share some of my projects with you all. 

I love all types of crafts including cross stitch, crochet, knitting, dressmaking,  polymer clay, card making, in fact as many types  of crafts that I can get my hands on!
I have given away many of my cross stitch pieces through give-aways on my blog and I offer many free cross stitch patterns for my readers to download.

In 2015 we moved to France to enjoy glorious sunshine and the countryside, we love it here so much and are very happy we made the decision.
Of course the house had to have a room for my crafts, unfortunately we were too busy when we first moved in to sort my craft room, but now the time has come to start painting the walls and putting the new flooring down, (Feb 2019) I am so excited!
We are off to Ikea in April to purchase some crafty goodness, so watch this space! 

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visits here.     


Marion Arnold said...

Thank you so much for the free Black Kitty patterns. I was able to make 12 different ones for my sister's birthday - one for each month of the year. For August the cat had a gold crown. I tweaked your patterns a little bit and created a few more. I needed it to fit in a 4x4 frame. I wanted to share the picture(s) with you, but not don't know how I can.

Thank you again.

Lynn B said...


Thankyou for the lovely comment, I cannot reply as your email is set as no reply, please can you send me a message with an email address I can respond to then I can help with the photos?

Lesley said...

Hi Lynn, I have just discovered your blog through the Worlds Greatest Collection of Smalls blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity in sharing your patterns. The Cats series is really lovely. I am off to read more of your blog.

Gisela Suski said...

Dear Lynn, thank you for the wonderful gift you gave Pat. The photo in cross stitch is outstanding. I have been following you and Pat for years.

Penny FP said...

Hi, I've come to your blog via Pat at Birds Nest on the Ground. I wanted to tell you what an AMAZING job you did on that cross stitch of "The Old Navy Guy". I've been following Pat's blog for years and I think she is just precious. I know if we lived in the same town we'd be friends!!! You generosity of time and creative giving touched me and I know what I felt was only a fraction of how you made her feel!!! Thank you for being one of those good people that gives us faith in humanity!

I have to tell you.... now that I've found your blog, I will have to spend some time checking it out. We had two black cats... one just passed away less than 2 weeks ago. I said to one of our girls, "We will make a memorial ornament for him," and now that I've seen your cross stitch...I know what I'm going to make for his memorial ornament!

Cheers and blessings to you from California,


Unknown said...

Bonjour je souhaite faire un sal avec les grilles des petits chats , le calendrier .pour l'instant nous sommes 3 . j'espère que cela ne vous dérange pas que je fasse un sal avec vos grilles , merci

Robinoflocksley said...

Your kitties are adorable!!!! I have been looking for kitty designs for a while to remember my two furry friends. Your kitties will be perfect!

Robinoflocksley said...

Your kitties are adorable!!! Thankyou!!! I have been searching for the perfect kitties to remember my two furry friends Pixie and Trixie. Thankyou! Would you mind if I adapted the colors of the kitty to match mine? I am thinking about alternating them every month in your monthly pattern.

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